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countdown: 9 more months
Twitter: Quotes: We might kiss when we are alone, when nobody's watching. We might take it home, we might make out when nobody's there. It's not that we're scared. It's just that it's delicate.
Monday, August 31, 2009, 6:20:00 PM

27th aug'09 thursday
did a flight with my batch mate val!! omg!!! haha..then after that went was a great time together..this was my 2nd time flying with her..the very first time was when she was a normal crew, going for her recurrent soon..if i'm not wrong, it was with juvelyn(cic), her and someone i've forgotten..i remembered that it was CNY eve...haha...that was the first...then after that, it was the last time i flew with her it's her as a CIC woots..lols..i do hope i can fly with her again!!! haha...wheee....

28th aug'09 friday
it was sby for me...didn't get called which was good...met val later in the evening to go party world...but ended up it closed down the cuppage we walked to cine kbox lor..lols..omg la, on the way up the escalator, i saw amelia ah jie and linda..linda so slim lor...

first 2 pictures were ah jie the bottom is linda...omg saw how skinny she is now...lols...then we headed to kbox..sang our hearts was a last minute decision...val damn suay, got called up for all the no choice lor...haha..but i had a great time with her la...=p

29th aug'09 saturday


did 4sectors with naj and feona afterwhich i headed down to my all time favourite,POWERHOUSE!! was a blast!! while on my way back on the bus, i was calling winnie and so happen that she can finally after that incident and the other time where i got called up for sby...haha..and i still thought that day was a sunday till feona asked me, you can still party after flight..i was like it's sunday how to was just so last minute..went with becky too =D haha...tell you lor, i slept kinda late cuz' the night before, kbox till kinda late then i slept at rest then pia down to PH straight after man!!! lols...was really shag after clubbing lols..

met becky first and her friend jonathan then to meet winnie and the rest...zann came with his friend jay too...we got watinni's husband to sign us in..though zahryn was there with watinni but they didn't join us..went to ph cuz' jon was 18 so he can't get into went in to put my bag, hit the dance was super packed!! i was perspiring like mad like less than 10mins..decided to go to the toilet...ended up we can't head back cuz' it was too packed..i was like sian half..cuz' the music has just started...argh!!! we decided to rest at the exit and the link to boilers...we went to the ladies first la while the rest went to smoke..
camwhoring in the toilet hee...

cousin becky, me

winnie, me
she super sweet right =D

after that becky and i were sitting there waiting...saw gary was a rare occassion la...haha..he was with his friend..he changed so much lor...he doesn't like loud music anymore...he prefers softer music...lols..then i contacted john...afterwhich both of the were talking on the phone...gary worked like shit la..being so busy attending to his customers and having so much viewing...then after that we went to boilers instead..lucky to smuggle jon in..zann and jay got us a table and we started drinking...the hennessy!! lols..i preferred the mixer to be green tea though...the rest had coke...i didn't like it la..lols...then that's where the music band first..kinda boring but then the music was like getting better...started dancing lor..i think i'm the one like going crazy over there...lols..cuz our table's the only one that's dancing, the others were all above our age they didn't really danced much la...i really drank too much and was super high i tell you lols..feeling was shiok..didn't really party till like that below..

our table
front: jay, becky, jon, zan
back: me, winnie

i was already high..but it's weird that i didn't get red...

a perfect match =D
jay, me

after that my friend came to pick me up..with a fairlady's my first time ever in a sports car..i know it's not something to brag about but yeah man, it's super cool la...omg omg!!! i'm so excited over it lor..haha...i was back safely...and it was so fast that i got home within like 10mins? the seats inside were sports kind, the gear box, the interior, the speedometer..and i always thought that fairlady was a 4 seater car, didn't expect it to be a 2 seater..OMG!! the experience in that car was superb i tell you!!! hee...the car was really powerful too =p haha...

30th aug'09
i was literally sleeping the whole day at home...slept at like 5am cuz' i was still on the phone with woken up by DD's call..i asked him to come over...he came then accompany me for went to buy lunch, i ate and then after DD left, i went back to sleep...i tell you, i was knocked out la..super shag the alcohol that night...gosh...then sleep till dinner time, DD called..met him for dinner and went back...can't sleep liao lor..then decided to call becky..lols..she was out with ryan and their other cousin for steamboat...i really wished i can join but kinda too late la...talked lor...haha..after that slept la..cuz' next day was school..

31st aug'09
woots!! it was school day..i woke up at the correct time but went back to sleep and eventually woke up at 830am..bathed, had breakfast before heading to school...lols...then i came to realise that we're having a mid term test on wed...which i'm like OH doubt i paid attention in class, understood what's happening but ultimately, i'm still afraid..seriously, i don't like anything to do with's so unlike law and marketing where i don't even need to study to ace in that doubt i've been skipping school but then, i still do revision at home...just hope i can pass la..this is my last module afterwhich we're free from studies and graduate woots!! hee...then we can have more off days and i can really utilize my staff travel liao..must go travel friends, if you're reading this, when i jio you guys, don't reject ah...lols...cuz' next year may, my contract will be ending..i think i'll stop flying for the moment and look for other jobs first before going back to fly again..haha...i don't want to think so much the time my bond's ending, i may have better offers...

my thoughts
i really wished that i can earn lots so my parents doesn't need to worry for us and they can relax...mum's resigning due to work pressure she doubt her pay is so much better compared to the other jobs but yeah man, it's the pressure that she's getting insomnia...i wouldn't want that to happen to me's not good...just hope after that, she'll find a much relaxed job..yeah...hmm...i really envy lotsa people..people who are around my age and becoming their own bosses, earning hell lotsa cash!!! while me, i'm still a part time student having a full time job with not so much of a good pay...which i can't even support myself let alone my doubt i don't have to give my parents allowance but i still find that part of it should just go to them...perhaps they need it, i don't know...i've been trying to save a thousand every month the last time..i could..but now, with the little number of sectors we're having, i doubt it's the pay i'm getting is so's not even a 1.5K..saddening right? well, that's life for me as yet...but i've yet to find better paying jobs..hopefully to find a 3K paying that i can pay for my car the next time i own one with my HARD EARNED MONEY..=D and i really hope i can give my parents $5o0 a month instead of the $100 a month i'm giving which i feel it's so pathetic...argh...i'll work harder towards my goal..those people whose around my age earning big bucks, i'll take flight from there...they are my aspirations from now...i know talk is cheap but i'm trying really hard now...jiayou melissa!!! you can do it!!!


the 4 years together
Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 3:11:00 PM
25th aug'09
yesterday wasn't a good start...woke up and got all excited about the day..cuz' it was a special day...the day that we first got together =D haha...i got up, got all ready, went to bathe, prepare...lols..smsed DD that i woke up liao and he replied ok..did my make up, dressed and was ready to go...till DD smsed me and said he was in a bad mood =( i thought what had happened...must be about his dad or something...then, he called...he was crying...sighs..made my heart sank the moment i heard him cry...there were patches on his favourite belt...

met him at a later time but i was alright =D finally saw him on the bus =D his eyes were red...the look of him really is vulnerable =( heart really ached!!! then i tried to cheer him up...but i think i can't lols..cuz' he was still tearing...then we reached town..went to grab some donuts...then to catch this stupid show bruno!!!
it really sucked big time man...although there were some scenes that really made you laugh like hell...lols...but at the end of it all, i really have no idea what it was talking about...perhaps the part where bruno worked really hard and didn't give up..but it's all rubbish..more of a GAY show...after that we head to heeren, then to wisma then to ION and lastly to tangs where the suprise came...hee...

cuz' we were wasting time ma...i got a pair of wedges at m)phosis at ION haha..shopped for shoes AGAIN!!! lols..then at about 7pm, we headed to tangs..marriot hotel...i couldn't get to take pictures cuz' it was so high class and if i were to take a camera out, my, i may look like an idiot...lols..yeah, and it was the dinner buffet that DD's going to take me there..haha...what a great tactic to bring me first to the toilet there haha...dinner was great, food was ok..perhaps i'm having my period so i didn't really eat so much..haha...but i simply love the soups!! it was great!!! lols...especially the drunken prawns haha...the desserts were so much better la..compared to the food itself..lols...

the day was simple and i had enjoyed it totally!! it's a special day with lotsa love hee =D then we headed back...all the food was making us sleepy haha...went to his place to sit for awhile before heading home ma..haha..his dad left him the metal polish to polish his belt which the stains came off and my, he was really happy about it =D haha...then we sat in the living room to catch
命中注定我愛你 (fated to love you) haha..was really good la..accompany his mum too..then after the show ended, we head to his room for some pictures before he went for a bath =D haha..

when he was bathing, haha, i took out my camera and started camwhoring lols...woots!!! lols...

when he was back, i decided to take more pictures cuz' this was really too little...didn't take much when we're out to make up for it, here are the rest hahahhahaa...

hee...i simply love this picture =D

26th aug' 09
today, my stupid alarm didn't ring...when i was up, it was doubt i can still make it but by the time i wash up, get changed and stuff, it was more than that...i would probably reach like at 11am? sigh..missed school again and yeah, continue sleeping lor..was tired...i even cancelled the meet up with becky =( i just didn't feel well la...perhaps i ate too much last night and i'm feeling bloated..felt like puking but i can't...sigh..i must get vitagen to aid in my digestion liao...shall get it later...well, will be heading to DD's place later..but before that, i'll head to yew tee to do threading followed by to ntuc to get vitagen and then to his place =D he's having his IPPT today..i really hope he can give it his best shot and aim for a gold...that'll give him his $200 lols...jiayou!!!